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The 'Feast of First Fruits' which is also known as 'The Feast of Weeks', 'Shavuot' and/or 'Pentecost'; is commanded by THE MOST HIGH to be observed in it's season. This Feast is calculated by counting 7 Sabbaths from the Sabbath that follows the Feast of Unleavened Bread's first convocation Sabbath; After the 7th Sabbath is complete the next day begins the 'Feast of First Fruits. Therein is a holy convocation (gathering), feasting and joy. The Feast is also a Sabbath meaning servile work, buying and selling is prohibited however, cooking is allowed as it is a feast. Now you must understand that under the New Covenant there is no physical sacrifice instead we observe with joy and gladness and holy convocation giving glory to THE MOST HIGH through Christ. Read More Here:

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