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The Destruction of Nicanor is an Israelite celebration that is based on the destruction of a wicked governor under Demetrius that sought to kill our forefather Judas(Judah) and to scatter the Israelites. This situation had been instigated by a wicked Israelite. (Read 2nd Maccabees 14 and 15). This celebratory day is to be held in the 12th month on the 13th day of the month throughout or generations. "Destruction" is not a High Holy Day/Sabbath but it is a feast and celebration.  Note: Destruction of Nicanor always falls a day before Purim and Purim always falls about a month before the Passover.

Please remember to read about the courageous acts of our forefathers and the wicked plots set against us by the heathen and even those of our own nation. 

How to observe:

Feasting, Joy & Gladness

Are we allowed to work: yes

Are we allowed to cook: yes

Are we allowed to buy and sell: yes




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