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Lamentation For The Daughter Of Jephtah

    Lamentation for the Daughter of Jephtah is a custom held by the women of Israel yearly for four days. The scripture is not specific as the date or season but it does make clear that it was a custom and that it was observed by the space of 4 days by women in Israel. It is important to know that this day is a customary observance and a memorial kept by the women of Israel and is not a High Holy Day, Sabbath or Feast but a remembrance with lamentation for a righteous sister that was sacrificed to THE FATHER through a vow from her father Jephtah the Gileadite. We lament that this righteous sister had neither married or had children.

 During these four days we try our best to be together as sisters as often as we can as the sisters in the scripture were together for four days and we also make ourselves Sackcloth to wear on our bodies and upon our heads throughout our four day lamentation.

The date that we will be Lamenting for The Daughter of Jephtah can be found on our calendar by clicking here. You can read more about Jephtah and his vow and our sister in the book of Judges Chapter 11. 

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